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Is Your Resume Perfect? How to Audit Your Resume?

Is Your Resume Perfect? How to Audit Your Resume?

Is Your Resume Perfect? How to Audit Your Resume? Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume is a candidate’s first opportunity to give a message to a prospective employer about what you are. Hence it is important to make sure that job applicants understand this and ensure that the message is conveyed.

You must Audit your resume for the three critical areas always before applying for a job. In this post we will be talking about three audit areas for you to verify whether your resume gives you that added advantage over others which is required in the workplace these days.

Audit 1: Apples or Oranges - does your resume differentiates you?

When you are making your resume you have to make sure your resume stands out from the rest. Your resume should be of the type that is attractive to the eyes and ensures that the person evaluating it will want to read what is inside. Steroeotypes are out - creativity is in.

Audit 2: Are you hitting the dot or you are in circles?

There are two types of shooters - good shooters and bad shooters. Good are those who fire less bullets but hit the dot in middle. Bad one’s are those who waste the bullets in the circles around the dot. Have you written a resume which is too long and not to the point or concise. 

If yes it will be irrelevant to the person who will be evaluating. Note that your employer’s time is critical and you must realize that they have limited time to evaluate each resume. If your resume is showing your value in short and concise manner (short time for your employer) you  have made yourself shortlisted for an interview.

Audit 3: Is your resume general or is custom made for the job?

Do you have one resume that fits all? If yes you may be in trouble. A ‘one size fits all’ or "Readymade" resume is not the best way to create the right impression on your employer. 

You have to make sure your resume is listing related work experience you have had in relation to the job you are applying for. So keep different versions of their CV for different job opening purposes and ensure that your resume is appropriate for the job you are applying. 

Some even argue that employers know that you have spruced up the resume - but they like the effort you have taken to tailor.

So next time you are applying for a job ask yourself these three "Resume Audit Questions". I hope this article will give ome benefit to you.

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