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10 Tips For Employers To Manage Their Interns Effectively


10 Tips For Employers To Manage Their Interns Effectively

10 Tips For Employers To Manage Their Interns Effectively - Are you worried that your new interns will disrupt your calm offices, turn things wild, or be totally unmanageable? Some employers try to avoid the entire "managing the interns" equation by assigning work that doesn’t need to be managed at all. 

That’s just not the solution, as we show you in this article.

1. Assign A Team Of Interns To A Single Manager

Make sure that the manager is the kind that enjoys teaching, guiding and sharing his or her experience. This will help your interns to have a single point of contact and reporting, and will take them off your hands.

2. Ensure That Each Intern Is Assigned A Dedicated Project

Apart from all the random sundry tasks, make sure that each intern in your office has a single project on which to focus. This allows them to build focus and add value to your company and to their resume.

3. Bond With Your Interns

Take them out for coffee every week and set up a foosball table in the office. Chill out with them and share some laughs. This will build loyalty towards you, and generate more respect.

4. Assign Some Fun Projects

Set them a fun project every week – such as finding out exactly how many kinds of templates are there in Microsoft Power Point. Your interns will vie with each other to learn more and it’ll benefit everyone.

5. Have A Q & A Session Now And Then

Let them ask you anything within limits. This will help you assess each one’s intelligence, initiative and enthusiasm to participate. It’ll also allow them to be more confident around you and the firm.

6. Set Quantifiable Weekly Goals

Set goals every Monday. On Friday, get the intern manager to assess if these goals have been achieved. Reward the interns who’ve done well. These benchmarks will prepare them for future appraisals and such.

7. Let Them Know They Have A Role To Play

Interns sometimes feel they’re of no value at their employing company. Share your company’s big picture with them and explain the value of their contribution. This helps to motivate them to deliver better results.

8. Teach Your Interns The Tools Of Your Trade

Even if you are not able to pay them, teach them how to work office packages, how to communicate, write letters, how to speak in public and so on. This kind of knowledge will help them to find good jobs later.

9. Set Rules That They Can Follow

At the very offset, let them know that you welcome them, but there are certain rules to follow. Make a set of clear to follow rules with no ambiguity. Reprimand the wild ones in private, never in public.

10. Help Them To Network

You may not be able to hire them all, so it’s good to help them connect to colleagues in your field. Teach them how to network professionally using the internet. You could even help them find jobs later, if you want to.

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